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mrstickball said:
The Terminator made a crapton of money. It wasn't just in the box office gross, but the fact that the movie still plays rather often today on TV. That means royalties. They made video games, arcade games, comic books and toys from the 1st and 2nd movies, which also means a lot of residual income. May not be able to track it, but think about how often you see DVDs and such available. They're there because they still sell.

I'd imagine that T-1 has probably made around $500m or greater just in royalties, ect.

You are right! So many DVD's, VHS, Blue ray, etc. year after year. Then every country times 3 times a year on 5-10 television stations, digital sales, the merchandise you mentioned! That series is a beast! James CAmeron probably easily lives off royalties on all his projects!

Plus whenever I go through every country on the boxofficemojo site I end up seeing some movie that came out months or even years before finally make it to another territory! So even when you think these movie have stopped they keep on coming. Recently there have been a lot of re-releases of movies in other countries too. Metropolis was one of them.

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