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Seece said:
spurgeonryan said:
Seece said:
spurgeonryan said:
Boutros said:
The $250 million for HP was for Part 1 and 2 btw.

Yeah I forgot about that. Thank you. That is really good for the kind of project that it was! Some movies these days cost that by themselves!

Yeah Seece I had a table at first (not very good with them as I have never done them here before) but each time I wrote something in it the row would stretch out instead of staying the size I had it like it would in Excel.  Thanks for the advice!


Yeah years later most movies, even Cleopatra and Water World will make money. I guess I will just hold it to theater and DVD sales. The companies can do the hard work of making money later on. Although there are a lot of "B" movies that you will probably never see again even on tv that cost a good amount of money  to make.

Thanks for the feedback, this was the first one like this I tried, so its nice to see how it was.

Yeah I know the table stretchs and it's annoying, just have to perserver though

Does it go back to the right shape when your done as long as you don't go past the cell or row length? I would love to use it , it just scared me off at first.

They even out but the overall width remains the same (about 7/8 inchs)

 Thanks for the info! I will use that from now on.

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