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All newer movies that I have done are in the post, since I would not want to lose whatever greatness is in this original OP. So just scroll to the end to see whatever there is to see! Enjoy!




I am going to try to decipher here whether these movies below will ever make the studios money the best I can. I will use various sites to get my information and hopefully it is as accurate as possible.

According to Boxofficemojo on average studios earn back about 55 percent of a movies earning from studios.

I will not be looking into merchandise sales, mainly because I do not know where to look. Book sales either. Depending on the movie you can expect another huge price for advertisement, so even with the budget already in place a studio will see the final cut and decide if they want to spend 500 million or 1 million. So lets just say for the sake of this thread that all these movies need to make close to double they're budget to be in the red. You can figure it out yourself, but I will try to remember to put all movies that have seem to made money with a $ sign.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes


Production Budget

93 million

Gross so far WW

256 million

The Smurfs


110 million

329 million (the same for Rise of the planet of the Apes and any movie based on a Show or something else, the extra attention can only mean more money!)

Cowboys & Aliens

163 million

107.5 million WW (we will have to wait for books, merhcandise, tv, and blueray to make a profit on this one)

Crazy, Stupid, Love

50 million

$69,366,969 (Has not had a major boost in other territories yet)

Winnie the Pooh

This one too be honest was IMO only made to keep people interested in the giant baby line they have out for it and other toys that make Disney tons of money, None of these have really done that well in theaters.

30 million

$32,186,481 WW



90 million

$482,438,138  WW

DVD Sales

  Rio 1,632,778 -.-% 1,632,778 $24,475,342 $24,475,342 1

That movie is pure gold for FOX!


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

According to Wikipedia this movie had a budget of 250 million, Boxofficemojo does not say what it is.





I had to add that poster!

3.5 million American according to wikipedia


AT 55 percent from theaters, and hardly any ads this movie should be close when it gets to 4.4 million to breaking even, then DVD and digital should help alot!


I will try more later if people like it, it is all pretty easily available and I am sure there is a site that shows it all that someone will find later on.

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