I have played this game, so I will rate it. I am a little bit upset though, because I suggested Wii Party for this thread.

The game does its job. Nothing more, nothing less. You get a range of small games that make it easy to get other people started on gaming and give them a good idea on how the Wiimote works. This compilation includes newer and more advanced versions of Pong, Duck Hunt and Combat which were very popular games back in the day. Most of the minigames offer enough depth to motivate you to aim for higher scores and earn platinum medals (which isn't easy). For $/€10 extra you get a nice package with your Wiimote purchase.

Anyway, 7.0/10. Does nothing wrong, but also doesn't do anything amazing. Just a solid purchase. Nowadays you would be better off by getting Wii Play Motion or especially Wii Party though.

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