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Mordred11 said:
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Mordred11 said:
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I hate it when they don't mention anywhere that they're talking about domestic gross. Not everybody is aware of these kinds of things and it leaves place for misunderstandings.

That being said, AMAZING!!

Worldwide Update: On Wednesday, Deathly Hallows Part 2 racked up another $35.2 million, bringing its foreign haul to $425.3 million. Add in domestic, and it's made $640.2 million worldwide, surpassing Fast Five to become the third highest-grossing movie of 2011 so far. That also means the final Potter struck the $600 million worldwide mark in record time. It took just eight days, compared to Transformers: Dark of the Moon's 11-day run and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides's 12-day run. As a whole, the Harry Potter franchise heralded another milestone: it hit the $7 billion mark. It's been the top-grossing franchise globally since the sixth movie, Half-Blood Prince.

$7 Billion Worldwide, not too shabby.


No wonder J.K. Rowling is estimated to be worth $1 billion!

She is?

I thought it would be more with how popular the books were but $1 billion is pretty mighty!

I think the books are worth somewhere around $15 billion

That is a ton of money for just one franchise. I wonder how it ranks compared to other franchises, that are not just books or movies.

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