Oblivion86 said:

Gears had fade-in effect, different and more subtle from the obvious texture pop-in towards the later stages of KZ2.. Clunky can be used to describe an object or graphics by treating it as a metaphor meaning "disportionate or inconsistent from reality.."


coming back to my original opinion..

UC2 > Crysis 2 > KZ 3 & GoW3 > Gears 2 > Killzone 2

Oh well, I don't use "clunky" that way and the vast majority of people I talk wouldn't either. So it's a non-issue.

As for graphics, let's agree to disagree. Crysis 2 had far too many problems for it to be in the Top 3 & while Gears 2 was prettier than Killzone 2, on sheer graphics, Killzone 2 was head and shoulders above it (and just about any review during Killzone 2's release would agree).