Mr Khan said:

No, because it never lasts. Johnny will return due to time travel or some sort of Marvel equivalent of Crisis on Infinite Earths, or we'll figure out it was actually caused by Scarlet Witch's pmsing, or Mantis will intercede to rewrite the rules of reality (again), or some combination of the set

As far as American comics go, at any rate. If Anime characters die, they usually stay dead (but that's *if* they actually die, unlike, say, Pell in One Piece, Momo Hinamori in Bleach, or Gaara in Naruto, hell, the whole frickin' village of Konoha in Naruto at one point...)

Spoilers also help to diminish the emotional impact, but if i really liked a character and am certain that they are actually dead, then yes, i can get sad. Kamina in Gurren-Lagann did that, as did Hughes in Fullmetal Alchemist

Don't forget that there is a chance that he will be inhabited by the Phoenix...We can't ever forget about those ones...Of course who wants to open the x-men's can of worms...