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Without Wii sports the Wii would cost 200$ instead of 250$. The launch period would have been great but demand would have died down 2-3 months after launch. Nintendo fans would have bought the console anyway for TP, but casuals and non-gamers wouldn't have paid as much attention to the system as they did. And we have seen that Nintendo could not rely on 3rd party games to really push the system.

The great thing of Wii sports is that it so self-explaining. Everybody on the world knows Tennis or Golf for example. People know how the swing a tennis racket or a golf club. Everybody who sees someone play Wii sports thinks: "That looks like it is fun, hey, I could play that too."

Without Wii sports Nintendo wouldn't be able to show off how easy videogames are to play on the Wii to the mainstream. At least not in the dimensions of Wii sports which was played in TV shows by prominent people to get even more buzz. Less buzz, less demand.

Instead of 7 million now, I guess we would have 4-5 millions instead. People would wonder whether motion sensitive controls are really the next big thing in videogame history.

I think it's no understatement to say that Wii sports is the most important game of the 7th generation. It will be remembered along killer-apps like Super Mario Bros. and Tetris.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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