TheRealMafoo said:
Torillian said:

But that interpretation means you are taking him literally when he says "enemies"...

To talk directly about this point. What pisses me off is the thought behind the term.

I think Obama is doing what he thinks is best for the US. I think he has no clue, but in his heart, he thinks he is doing good for the US. He is not my enemy, he is just a politician who lacks any sort of wisdom.

He looks at me as the enemy, and advisory. As someone who at there core, wishes ill will on a demographic of Americans. 

I, like Obama, want the best for all Americans. I just think the way to achieve it is radically different then how Obama thinks it should be conducted.

To think about a group of people your elected to represent in this manner, is disturbing at best. Why do you think he would ever work to better the lives of people he is asking others to punish?

Where is my President?

You see what you want to see.  That doesn't mean it has any bearing on reality.

We had to hear about "real Americans" from McCain/Palin during the entire campaign.  I'm guessing you had no problem with that.