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At this point it would damn stupid for the SK to come out. We have no proof that hatmoza really is telling the truth, maybe he is lying about his role and just wants the SK to come forward so he is an easy lynch target. Of course that would be good for the town, but honestly I don't think the SK would risk a lynch so early in the game.

If Hatmoza was lying how would he know the serial killer was Kratos though?

We don't know if Hatmoza is genuine or not: but the SK does.

That is true. On the other hand, who else could be the Serial Killer other than Kratos? I mean, I've never played any God of War game (don't worry, I plan to get the trilogy soon, shame on me for getting it so late, though) but I do know that he pretty mich kills every god, right? So it would be only natural that he is the SK. Call me paranoid, but I just don't trust hatmoza so easily.

Ares could be the serial killer. He destroys a whole bunch of cities.

Now, I'm finding it a little hard to keep up with this. Is Patapon Kratos, or is Hatmoza?

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