Silver-Tiger said:

Let's just take as an example that hatmoza is a mafia member who can recruit the SK. They both work together and tell the town that he is a Vigilante. The town thinks the SK is a Vigilante and he can happily continue to kill people for the mafia side. What would prevent him from that? We have no way to tell for sure if it was a Vigilante or SK kill. Also we could have another Vigilante, so the SK could blame him if something goes wrong.

I thought people were passed the idea that a role of a mafia member recruiting the SK was out of the question. 

Will people stop trying to make me seem like some sort of recruiter. I'm nothing but a psychiatrist who's job happens to be to cure the SK. Nothing new here people. We've seen this in multiple games already. The only twist is that Kratos becomes a vigilante instead of a town. 

Also, Do you really think if I were mafia, I would put my "team" at risk so early in the game? I'll most likely be investigated, watched and tracked tonight? 

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