TruckOSaurus said:
Silver-Tiger said:
Final-Fan said:

Clearly Silver-Tiger is Kratos ... or mafia trying to stop him from flipping town! 

hey, I just point out possibilities.
Just because I don't buy hatmoza's story, doesn't mean I'm on mafias side. :p

So what's your opinion of hatmoza? If you don't believe he's what he claims, what do you think he is?

Let's just take as an example that hatmoza is a mafia member who can recruit the SK. They both work together and tell the town that he is a Vigilante. The town thinks the SK is a Vigilante and he can happily continue to kill people for the mafia side. What would prevent him from that? We have no way to tell for sure if it was a Vigilante or SK kill. Also we could have another Vigilante, so the SK could blame him if something goes wrong.

Look, I'm not going to accuse anybody at this point of the game, I'm just making up theories that could help us later in the game. Heck, we don't even know if such a role even exists. We have to wait for the night actions anyway before we can draw conclusions.

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