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Hephaestos said:
TruckOSaurus said:
hatmoza said:

Will Kratos please come forward. The odds of you winning as a serial killer are slim. Identify yourself so I can turn you pro town. At least this way you'll most likely have a doctor's protection because you'll become a vigilante. 

The town could really use you for good Kratos. I know you think you're a bad ass and an unstoppable being but you won't last long as a serial killer. I'll eventually find you and you'll become protown anyway. Don't kill members of the town, because town will be your alignment eventually ... that's if you don't end up dead.

Damn hatmoza you sure don't waste any time... you do realize that if Hephaestos is Kratos you're screwed!

(Also, I just realized that if the role of the God Hephaestos is in this game, it will be very confusing.)

ok, why do you say i'd want to kill hatmoza? he was my master inmy first game and gave me his life in the second...

second, i am not hephaestos in this game, so yes it may get confusing =)

Because in the Street Fighter game you chose to be a serial killer (and got away with it too). So if you're Kratos the chances of you coming forward to be cured are very slim.

P.S.: I'd love to see Final-Fan's reaction if you are Kratos and do come forward though.

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