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Hey everyone. We are going to use this thread to update you all one the latest additions to the site. - Predictions league is up and running, complete with a leaderboard for the best performers so far. Keep your predictions coming in... - Worldwide console shipments going back to Mar 93 right to the present day so you can compare the performance of consoles through the years and compare shipped to sold data (found on the rest of the site). - European yearly data - our European contact have supplied us with yearly hardware sales across the different countries - these breakdowns shed a nice insight into gaming habits and relative market sizes across europe - Gaming news section - all news is now user submitted and controlled so log in and post all the latest news! You can post comments and discuss each - we'd like your help guys to build this part of the site and make our front page as up to date and topical as possible - any news is welcome, if people don't like it they won't view it and it will drop away from the front page. - Full North American charts - we are currently working on filling out the gaps in the american charts. We have data right back to 91 and are in the process of analysing and tidying it all up. Stay tuned for this! As always, all comments and suggestions are most welcome