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  • I want the post times to match my timezone.
  • I want "View Post" to not show the signature of the poster when I have signatures turned off.
  • I want the Edit Friendlist/Add Friend pages to look like the main friendlist page with multiple columns of people.
  • I want the Codes/ID/Tags heading in my profile to not appear when I have none of those entered in my information.
  • I want the "Game Collection Stats" heading in my profile to not appear when I have no games in my collection.
  • I want pictures in my album to actually display their Title next to them instead of just on-hover.
  • I want to go back to the post I just edited instead of the top of the thread.
  • I want stickied topics that haven't been used for more than 2 months to be unstickied.
  • I want different icons for threads that show threads I have/have not posted in.
  • I want threads in my "Hot Topics" to take me to my last post in the thread so I can pick up reading the thread where I left off.
  • I want a Spam forum (different from off-topic) where your post count doesn't increase and where we can put all those "XYZ the person above/below you" threads.
  • I want the ability to toggle the forum theme from grey/orange to blue/white.
  • I want the headings of the view thread list (Thread, Starter, Posts, Views, Last Post) to be aligned in a way that matches the items below them.
  • I want there to be a "Title" heading over the thread titles column.  It's weird that all the other columns have headings and this one doesn't.
  • I want something to prevent people from raising 2 month old threads.  If we're going to warn people for doing it, why allow it anyway?
  • I want the vgChartz IM to not break (lose track of the correct line to scroll to) after excessive use of Smileys/Emoticons.
  • I want to add IM people to chat with that aren't on my friendslist in the IM.