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Hi guys, thanks for your comments. Firstly, we only update the figures on the front page when we get new data, it's not run on some kind of fake automatically-incrementing system and so on, when we get new data from our various inside sources (most of which is not made publically available) then we update. There is a small amount of projecting forward and estimation, but we guarantee that the errors are very small. Many websites, as well as the manufacturers themselves are using our data which is great, and we are very greatful to the various sources which supply us with their estimates and projections. Nobody will ever know exactly how many units of a console or piece of software have been sold, but by collating the right data sampling various regions we feel that we are as close as possible. One final not about the data is that we are tracking SELL THROUGH TO CUSTOMERS, not to retail as you may find on other sites - especially relevant for Xbox 360 numbers. Secondly, on the issue of 'being shut down by other companies' - our data is our own propietary data that we assemble from a large variety of sources- publishers, analysts, retailer reports, numerous tracking services, our own tracking and good estimation and projection based on past trends. The data we publish is our own IP and we strive to make it as accurate and up to date as possible. Thanks for supporting the site to date and please continue to enjoy the numbers!