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Beoulve said:
axumblade said:
Games4Fun said:
axumblade said:
Perhaps if I went to class and studied harder I could at least fail my classes with dignity. :[

EEPS! Why not going?

It's a 2 hour class and I have the attention span of a child.

Welcome to the club


Is it marketing? ZZZZZZZZZZZ I honestly do like marketing, I just hate my teacher, he's such a douche

Yes. My teacher is alright. He reminds me of an actor from the 80's. He sounds kind of like Steve Guttenberg (I don't know or expect anybody to remember who he is). He looks like he's wearing a brown carpet for a coat. x.o  It would look decent if there wasn't a green shirt and a weird ass tie underneath. x.o

I like Marketing too. It's just so much babble and not enough substance in this class. lol.