AmishGramish said: MY GOD MAN!!!!!!!! This is basically what I've been saying for months!!!!! One more thing about why the Wii is the worst of the three is that there's no online for games right now, and online should be made accessible some time in 2007!!!!?!?!?!?!?!? Also, a lot of people (including me) are fearing that it will only be gimmicky, kind of like how games for the DS (other than Nintendo made games) are now almost completely gimmicky. Within the past year, the PSP has basically caught up with the DS in terms of 9/10 and 8/10 games. IGN even stated that the biggest surprise for the PSP was that it had so many great games. It's just that the games aren't selling as well as Nintendo's games (other DS games don't really sell that well, but developers make the games so cheaply, they make a bunch of money). I also found the horizontal use of the Wiimote hurts my hands. It's that it's just too much of an angle, and it's not really made for horizontal, more the way you hold a gun. I can't wait until almost all Wii games will either make it able so you can use a normal controller, or most of them just completely suck in the controls.
I seriously doubt they'll make too many games with a normal controller, although there are more and more games using the Classic Controller, like Mortal Combat as an option, and Super Smash Bros. Also...not being online doesn't make it a bad console...seriously. Have you actually gotten into a room full of people and played the Wii yet? If you haven't, then you have no idea. Online is great, and important, and Nintendo better get moving on a good internet system...but local playing is the most fun on the's a people experience. But I guess trolls don't like people.

Bet with disolitude: Left4Dead will have a higher Metacritic rating than Project Origin, 3 months after the second game's release.  (hasn't been 3 months but it looks like I won :-p )