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kjj4t9rdad said:
Onyxmeth said:

Hmmm...let's look at the possibility of maybe a stronger brand name. I give you the word "Wii". Here are the sales of various items under the branding "Wii".

Nintendo Wii console=49 million consoles sold
Wii Sports=44 million copies sold
Wii Play=22.5 million copies sold
Mario Kart Wii=15 million copies sold
Wii Fit=17 million copies sold
Wii Music=2.5 million copies sold
Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree=3 million copies sold

Soon to be added...Wii Sports Resort

Let's forget all that for a minute and just say Playstation is the strongest brand. Here are the reasonings:

1. Excuses involving price to explain away lame sales to show it is a strong brand

2. Anecdotal evidence involving random people associating videogaming with the word "Playstation"

3. To be continued later in this thread I'm sure

4. Reserved for the next lame excuse presented after the #3 spot gets filled

DId I miss anything? Gosh, now that I look at the reasoning, Playstation sure does sound the strongest. It's so strong in fact that it's pushing a healthy third place behind lame brand names nobody can remember like Microwho and Nintenwhat.

You are hell bent on changing the OP's opinion aren't you? 

Sales are not the only indicator of strong brand name.  The Wii's success is not due to brand name! Nobody new what a "Wii" was 2 years ago.  Nintendo hasn't been the strongest since the SNES.  Launch the Wii @ $500 & $600 and lets see if it would see 21 million in 2 years.  My thoughts are NO.

The games you listed all sold well, but they are all pretty pethitic games IMO.  Mario Kart is a great game but a 5 year old can beat the game in just a few days.  Nobody, except for a very young child, would consider any of the games you listed, good games.

btw, with the exception of Wii sports, i can simply replace every Nintendo thing you listed and replace it with PS2 things and all of those #'s go up.  Sony has kicked the crap out of Nintendo, Sega, M$ and anyone else in the console industry since joining with the exception of the last 2 years.  So basicly that's 20 plus years of Sony dominance vs. 2years of Nitendo dominance.  It is your argument that is lame, not any price excuses as you call them.


i cosnider those games to be good, so am i 5 years old? no... sony destroyed nintnedo the past two generations, and it was the strongest brand in games, yes.. it WAS, nintendo now is the strongest...

oh i forgot to mention one thing, ps1 was launched in 1994, nes in 1983 in japan and 1985 rest fo the world, that 10 years of nintendo domination, plus 2 now we get 12 years... sony ruled the market from 1994 to 2006,  soooo :p


Nintendo is a constant in life. Nintendo is the place where you can always go to have a great time, whether that is alone or together with friends. Nintendo made dozens of all time classics which are more than just amazing games. Nintendo is a gaming company. Nintendo raised our sorry asses better than a parent ever could. Nintendo is a religion. Nintendo is what drove gaming forward and what continues to drive gaming forward. Nintendo saved gaming in the '80s. Nintendo is saving gaming again right now.

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