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Kantor said:
Griffin said:
Kantor said:
What the hell kind of review is that? It's 22 words and a number!

Is this meant to prove something?

His review explains alot more then a bunch of the reviews i have read from Vg staff.  It does not take long to review a game, but some seem to think you need 3pages to explain nonsense. 

We can tell it kinda starts slow, which tells us about about a weak plot which takes time to come out.  The Voice work and cutscenes are bad which tells us the story is kinda below par.  Based on his score and what he said we can tell the camera and controls work, with some very good gameplay.

How does it look? The soundtrack? Is it fun? Easy? Difficult? Boring? Short? Long? Is there replay value? What are the good parts of it? Does it start strong, or take a while to build up? Are there similarities to other games?

He neglected to mention all of these and many more. Here, let me try.

I was playing BioShock the other day. It's fun. The plasmids are cool. Some parts are pretty easy, some are hard.

I didn't like the framerate stutters, or the dependence on audio diaries.

Great game. 9.6/10.

That is my opinion (it really is, btw. If you haven't tried BioShock, go buy it now). That is not a review.

That is an amzing review of bioshock if you ask me, i have played the game twice and that sums the entire thing up.  I doubt i could give a better review if i tried.