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ookaze 250$ is steep for it. It's graphics are comparble to the GC. Infact. the best looking game on the Wii, looks the exact same on the GC. The GC, had the worst graphics of last gen. I dont feel it's worth more than 150$ Yeah right. So you actually bash the Wii for being an expensive ripoff. And your Steel Battalion story is telling : you're ready to pay $200 for one controller for one game, but somewhat, paying 250$ with 3 games worth it, plus one bundled, is not good enough. Double standard ? Or graphics whore. You have the right to be a graphics whore, I'll understand, just don't make poor excuses about the controller or the games.
Steel Battalion was OVER THE TOP. Name me one game with as much immersion as that. Why it was worth 200$.
Yulegoat Objectively speaking, which ones do you agree with me, and which ones do you disagree?
NI = no info Metroid Prime 3 - I have high hopes. Super Mario Galaxy - I dont have high hopes. SSX Blur - never liked SSX Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles - No idea if I'll like it or not. RE's are really hit or miss. Tiger Woods (developed by Wii-sentric studio of EA + their other projects) - Hate golf Dewy's Adventure -NI Disaster: day of crisis -NI Project H.A.M.M.E.R. -It already looks repetitive. Sadness -NI New Zelda - I'm just not gonna comment how desperate you putting this one. (but I want it) Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors - one word. Yuck. Fire Emblem: The Goddess of Dawn -NI Samurai Slash -looks like redsteel without the guns. That would be bad. New Donkey Kong -NI Sword of Legendia - NI New Kid Icarus -ni Sonic and the Secret Rings - the trailer does not sell me No More Heroes -NI. Bomberman Land Wii - If it was like the first bomberman for the GC, it would rock. It dont look like it though. Midnight -NI Boxing Action -NI Forever Blue -NI Thorn -NI vanguardian1: SSX Blur - keep it away from me. Scarface - keep it away from me. Tiger Woods PGA Tour - if someone brings that game into my house, I will consider it assult, and shoot to kill. Bust-A-Move Bash! - Could be fun, but worth 50$? Cooking Mama: Cook-Off - I actually expcect this one to be a sleeper. I think it will sell well, but I dont know if I would like it or not. Super Paper Mario (AAA title) Super Paper mario, can meet my paper shredder for all I care. Wii Play - I already have 2 wiimotes and I dont need another, and that game isnt worth 30$ from what I've seen. Sonic and the Secret Rings - I wouldnt reccomend you to rent that... Prince of Persia: Rival Swords - I never got into this line. I love games with innovation. flOw, Cubivore, SPORE... and stuff like that. If your not gonna innovate... dont change it. The Wii needs a new type of game, a game un-created. That is what the Wii will do best.

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