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Why do I... bash the wii? Two reasons. The Games. The Controllers
OK, except that's totally false. My proof ? I just have to look further, as you couldn't help it : 250$ is steep for it. It's graphics are comparble to the GC. Infact. the best looking game on the Wii, looks the exact same on the GC. The GC, had the worst graphics of last gen. I dont feel it's worth more than 150$ Yeah right. So you actually bash the Wii for being an expensive ripoff. And your Steel Battalion story is telling : you're ready to pay $200 for one controller for one game, but somewhat, paying 250$ with 3 games worth it, plus one bundled, is not good enough. Double standard ? Or graphics whore. You have the right to be a graphics whore, I'll understand, just don't make poor excuses about the controller or the games.
There are far too many games... that are horrible
That's your hardcore gamer's opinion. Fortunately ! Despite what your games reviewers tell you, several sub 7 games sold really well (millions), thanks to word of mouth too. Fortunately, reviews don't sell games, except among hardcore gamers, which are a minority. I don't trust these reviewers since a long time. They are like hardcore gamers, unable to appreciate innovations that they can't understand. Wii Sports is selling like hotcakes in Japan, look at their second opinion, it's not the same (7+). 3 different styles reviewers opinions should be on all these sites, so that you can pick one that have more or less your tastes. Now, even without the second opinion, I count 7 games with 7+ in your list. And probably 8 with TC:SO. So even for score buying hardcore gamers, that's 7 games worth buying. Unless you think a 7/10 score is horrible ? Please !
Notice what they get hung up on, on most of the games. The Controls. (normally how horrible they are, and how they wish they could use normal controllers) The Graphics. Sub PS2. The Sound. Laughable. (why I dont know. crappy games I guess)
What's your point ? You expect most of 3rd party devs to have made AAA games in less than 1 year ? Most of them wouldn't have supported the Wii before the E3 of last year. Or you expect them to master the new controls in as much time ?
You say their biased? Look at the 10 they gave Zelda. they Gave GoW a 9.5 and Resistance a 9.5
3 AAA games. Yes, they're biased.
But 3 games worth buying out of 15... is NOT what makes me want to buy a console
So why did you buy it ? 3 games is exactly what makes me buy a console. I'm still waiting for my 3 PS3 games, I have only one for now (Shiro Kishi Monogatari). Perhaps 2 with FFXIII.
I can go to the store, put a blindfold on, grab a PS3 game at random, and have a 50% chance of getting a game that will be alot of fun, without alot of problems
That's for you. I have a 100 % chance of getting a game I won't like. Well, if PS3 was available in Europe that is.
The Wii has about 4 games worth buying imo Zelda, Trauma Center, and Rayman, and the Super Golf
That's you. I'm a RPG fan mostly, and my small family is hooked up to good party games, some DS games, and buy more games than me. I have more games I WANT to get for the Wii : Fire Emblem (bought the Wii mainly for this game), Zelda, Mario Party, Trauma Center, Sonic, perhaps Dragon Quest Swords. Meaning I will get them as soon as they're out. There are other titles I will wait for budget price, like Red Steel or Super Panya. Keep in mind that contrary to a hardcore gamer, one game can last me 6 months or even 1+ year, so this list is already huge for me. I don't like FPS, so I don't know if I can love Red Steel or Metroid, even though Metroid videos hooked me up, while GoW videos didn't at all. Besides, most people I know that bought Red Steel actually like it. Granted, some don't. If your wife is the kind that like FPS, then she's not representative of the population, not at all.
I log onto the Wii Store. I see about 15 games... most of wich I have never heard of on the VC
I almost forgot I also bought the Wii for TurboGraphX hoping for titles like PC Kid, Granzort or Neutopia. I have PC Kid already, and with my stars, if the rate is really 4-1, I'll probably get the other two for free. The Wii isn't for you, which doesn't mean it's not for everybody else.
So if your playing online... With random people... like you... play online... games... *duh* you can only communicate with 20 people... out of the 25,000 people playing that game at that moment... ... if all 20 people on your buddy list... is on
You're an amazing guy. Even in my best days of IRC chatting, I couldn't talk with 10 people at the same time, and it took all my concentration and typing speed away. I could never play anything at the same time either.
Meaning a game like COD would never work on the Wii. (online)
You mean, the kind of abuse that takes place on XBL can't take place. Good !
I have read in many places. online play on the DS is like playing agianst a SUPER hard/aggressive computer. I have read in just as many places... Nintendo plans on cloneing that system on the Wii. VERY BAD
And still, it has the most users.
I am not a child. I drink hard liquor, and am old enough to almost have a kid who would want a Wii. (I dont have any kids... I hate kids...) LET ME TURN THAT CRAP OFF. I dont need to be protected
Seems like they need to be protected from you. Follows lots of "won't work on Wii", and finally:
Moral of the story, and this is what everyone is saying why it's the end of the PS3
Take me out of this crowd. I've never said any console would fail. I'm one of the first to say: "let's wait for the big exclusives before talking". Especially FFXIII. FFVII skyrocketed the PS1. FFXIII could do the same with PS3.
A game HAS to be made for the Wii. It HAS to be graphically optimized for the Wii. it HAS to have decent sound.[...] It HAS to have GREAT CONTROLS
I see what you mean. Metroid Prime 3 has to be this game for you. That you think Wii is crap is only your problem though. It isn't for lots of other people, which enjoy it. That's what counts.