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Any RPG with a battle system that favours massive HP and high damage weapons over character skill is a very low battle system. This unfortunetly lumps a majority of JRPG together since many of them tend to have HP in the thousands. Why thousands? Why not 10s or 100s? does it have to do with the decimal point of the figurite multipler/division math that JRPGs tend to use.

I can't stand D&D. However D20 does make a better combat system in a computer game than any FF, DQ.... It still suffers from burst play though.

Any system that let's you do large healing in combat makes the combat lack luster. It removes tension and almost garuntees success. Winning becomes more about how much you can heal than play smart. Even a stupid player can manage to heal and keep fighting.

For me the best JRPG combat was TWEWY. It can be short, brutal. HP recovery was uncommon unless it was an epic fight. HP restoration was limited. Combat pacing was superb. it was fast.

For WRPG while I found Fallout 1 & 2 too long. it was probably one of the better combat systems out there. Lethal, funny, brutal.

Squilliam: On Vgcharts its a commonly accepted practice to twist the bounds of plausibility in order to support your argument or agenda so I think its pretty cool that this gives me the precedent to say whatever I damn well please.