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DMeisterJ said:
FishyJoe said:
goddog said:
to all those who say sony will pricecut, to do that they must inform the share holders first because of the promise of not dropping it, at least here in the states, so we would know about it long before it happened, so i do not see it happening until next year

The shares are at a 5 year low already, I don't think the shareholders can take much more.

I think that they'll be quite happy when the quarterly numbers come out.  Holding steady on their price, and selling less PS3 systems, less MGS4 bundles, and more software will definitely make it look nice.


hah i agree with you for once dmeisterJ, it will also give the ps3 time to make hardware profitable, and make a drop in price next year not hurt the bottomline, also they will avoid upsetting partners in the blue ray player market by not undercutting them. so not cutting the price is the best move unless the start moving only 80k a week which i do not see happening id be surpissed if it falls bellow 100k until next feb. (or under 120k after this week)

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