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#27 Jagged Alliance
guessed by Darashiva
platform DOS
release year 1994
developer/publisher Madlab/Sir-Tech
genre turn-based tactics
links Wikipedia
last year  #23

Jagged Alliance is a great game. At core it is a very well working tactics game. As long as no enemies are aroundin the sector, you play in real-time, for the action it switches to turn-based, so you can really think through what you wanna do. And then see your guys missing the target, getting angry and doing stupid shit and bleeding out on the battlefield.

One major point here is, you don't get some generic guys from a certain class or so, each single mercenary is unique. And they have their own will and wishes. You can very well have picked up a team, in which each member prefers to shoot one another, because they wanna take revenge or simply can't them. And well they do sometimes. But if you pick your team well and choose your challenges wise you win back sector for sector pretty fast.

The game offers you the map of the island, separated into sectors by overlaying a raster. You start off with control over one sector only and can attack neighboring sectors. So at the beginning you can choose between two sectors to attack, but the more you own, the more neighboring sectors controlled by the enemy you can attack.

You can attack multiple sectors in a day, but also the enemies are not sleeping. They might counter-attacking on one of your sectors. Also you need to loot, craft stuff, heal the wounded, repair stuff and so on. This game offers so much gameplay, every playthrough is different, the characters are interesting. It is just a great game.

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