Forums - Gaming Discussion - Platinum Games announces new game: "Project G.G."

Leynos said:
Give me Kamiya Ultraman!

It is soooo ULTRAMAN!


Chazore said:
curl-6 said:

Some details apparently from Famitsu:

- The action feel of the game is important but not the main focus of the title

- Launching on all existing platforms, as long as they can

- The goal is to have 100 people working on it, but 15 people are actively working on it now

- This new 100-person team will be working at a new studio in Tokyo

- Tencent offered to publish and fund this game, but Platinum refused because they want full control and ownership

That last one sounds like Tencent would have it sold on EGS and Wegame only, because knowing them, they want the cheapest venue possible, while Platinum ant full control and reach as many as possible. 

Yeah let's just say I'm glad Platinum has control over the game rather than Tencent.

Also, sounds like it's still a long way off, so while they say it's coming to current platforms I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up as a Switch 2/PS5/XSX game.

New IGN article with some new details:

“Basically we’d like to hit PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Steam, and then of course PS5 and Series X are coming soon. We don’t know exactly when this will come out, but we’d like to release it on whatever are the main platforms at that time."

“Put it this way, we’re not looking at something as long as three years. Nor will it be as soon as half a year or a year. But as our first self-owned and self-published game, we want to deliver it as soon as we can.”

it better not be like Godzilla 2015 game.

Well, looks like the third "Platinum 4" announcement is the new Tokyo Studio that will be working on this game. Not much of a reveal, hopefully #4 is more interesting.

Apparently the game will have a more realistic graphical style, just like the teaser:

Great news to me, I generally prefer realistic and semi-realistic visuals over more cartoonish styles.

Japan has a way of even taking realism and making it look stylish. DMC5,Yakuza series. Almost every western game to me that uses realism I just can't tell it apart form another game.

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