Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony cancelling PAX East 2020 attendance due to coronavirus concerns

? young & tattoo ?

? yesterday & tomorrow ?

? Yelp & Twitter ?

That's gotta be it

First e3 now PAX.....

Pocky Lover Boy! 

Jranation said:
First e3 now PAX.....

Sony's absence from each are unrelated to each other or did you not bother to read the title and just wanted to write pointless words?

Seems the majority of people who have a problem with this are MS and Nintendo fans, go figure..

twintail said:
VAMatt said:
My guess is that Sony 1) wants to avoid talking about PS5 as long as possible for a host of reason, and/or 2) is starting to confront the possibility that they won't be able to ship PS5 this year due to supply constraints that may or may not be related to the virus.

They were going to PAX to show off PS4 content and presumably paid for all the fees related to logistics.

Does that mean they're not milking it ?Now they have a convenient excuse to avoid going to an event where they have less stuff to show than usual.  No company wants to be in that position.  

My other points stand.  If you follow business news (as I do) you'll see that all kinds of companies are jumping on this virus to excuse all kinds of things.  It basically buys them all a 3-6 month period where they don't have to account for any kind of underperformance.  

mjk45 said:
sales2099 said:

I went to a big auto convention just this Monday. Life goes on. And btw when someone recognizes me from my YT days 10 years ago I’m always flattered :)

Whats YT ?

YouTube :)


shikamaru317 said:
Does this seem like a bit of an overreaction to anyone else? There was a single Coronavirus case reported in Boston, but that was on February 1st, PAX East begins on February 27th. No new cases have been reported in Boston since then, and 26 days is plenty of time for that one guy to fully recover and for symptoms to appear in any people that he interacted with, if he transmitted it to anyone else.

There has been zero case in Barcelona, Yet Sony pulled out of the Mobile World Congress which was going to be held there, which for what it is worth is bigger than PAX.

The economies of the world are going to take a severe beating over the next few months.