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If console exclusives disappeared, would you still buy a console?

Yes, consoles still have benefits 78 67.24%
No, there'd be no point in having a console 38 32.76%

If all PS games come to P on day 1? I absolutely will not buy a console anymore. Like whats the point. You simply can do so much more with a PC. And that's always been my stance with MS and Xbox.

However, I doubt all PS games will make their way to PC and even more so I doubt ay wil ever come on day 1. I expect to see at least 2 years between PS console releases and their appearance on PC. Now would I wait? No... I would still buy a console in that case.

No. I'm a huge fan of high framerates. 60 fps is the minimum for me. The more fps, the better. Consoles just don't cut it, they don't even give me the option to dial back grfxx for more fps. Right now I play on my PS4 or Switch every now and then when there's some exclusive game I can't get on PC. If every game comes to PC, there is no reason anymore for me to get a console. Not even portability, as I'm playing on a beefy laptop.

In my opinion, PCs are way better in each and every regard when it comes purely to hardware. Sure, it's more expensive, but I don't care about that. Spending 2.000 € every two years for a new notebook is perfectly fine for me.

This is totally my opinion though, so please don't get mad at me.

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Consoles are more affordable.

Hybrid consoles/handhelds are portable.

Consoles with portable screens are still more convenient.

Zero-tech know-how, general public, accessible.

Price point.

Of course I would still buy a console. None of the things said in the OP change anything about Nintendo.

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I would still buy Nintendo Consoles, because like Rol said this has no effect on them.

But as for Sony and MS? Hell no!

People have gone on and on about how easy plug and play is, but I really like the ability to fix my own hardware on PC. I game 30-40 hours a week and modern non-Nintendo consoles just can't handle being played that often without eventually breaking down in 10 or so years. I would say the same for Nintendo consoles, but over half my games on Switch are Indies, and those are pretty easy on the hardware.

I've been a physical games collector all my life, but there's no point in building up a huge PS5 collection if my PS5 is going to be dead ten years after I buy it. Not to mention that more and more games are getting massive day one patches to the point where I think PS5 games will be half on disc, and half "Download the rest!" This further makes having physical games pointless on a non-Nintendo system.

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HollyGamer said:

Because why wasted playing 2080 ti on Danganronpa or Persona 5 that can run even on PS3??? That big wasted teraflop on your PC

You can ofcourse,  but why wasted on expensives setup while you have consoles or already have one and use that ??????  And strategy games are great on PC especially if there are a lot of multiplayer people and required a lot of graphic. Games like Total War is heavy emphasis on thousand of unit. MMO required beefy spec if you play modern one . 

It's just that's my way of gaming. Even some people have handled to play JRPG alone or playing classical alone. 

Or are you complaining about people habit ? 

Because why the hell would you limit yourself to a low budget card just to play one type of game?.

Did you think because I bought a 1080ti, that I'd only play just "AAA" games?. No, I bought it because I was going for a res upgrade and wanted to play various games, not just one type of game that "pushes" the pixels. I also love the modding scene, which can make use of my hw in various ways, so in essence, my upgrades were for various reasons, not just stupid ones like 8k 60fps bs, that makes no sense in the current timeframe. 

Also, for the love of fucking god, will you lot stop blabbering on about "teraflop this, integer that", as if you actually know what they actually and truly mean, because each time this happens, Pem has to step in with ye old "lemme educate you lot" book. It's fucking dumb and hella stupid. It'd be like me using back to the future refs in order to make me sound intelligent. Just say "it's a waste of GPU power or "waste of money", instead, it sounds less than stupid when seeing flops being tossed around like an idort. 

Also no, it's not a waste of money, because I use it for various games and reasons, like rendering and rigging for example, as well as video editing (Since I force my GPU to render, rather than having my CPU do all the work). I don't use consoles as a primary form of gaming because they offer me less of what I want. I want modding, high performance, the resolution I want, without having to muddle around different TV's. I use my 144hz 1440p monitor and it does me just dandy for what I want, even swivels to the side to for reading documents/manga, which TV's do not do. 

Strat and sim games also rely a lot more on CPU's, which is again, why I prefer using my desktop, because it actually has the power for allowing more AI to be displayed/function. 

Your way of gaming is specifically hw related, while mine is more focused on individual parts and what I want from them. You want whole boxes, whole objects to be solid locked to one task, while I want a myriad of parts to do multiple things, which is why I chose PC as my go to in the first place.

No I'm not complaining about other's habits. I was taking issue with your previous comment on those wanting to game just on PC as being cited as "elitist", which isn't really a thing at all.  


I mainly game on PC so the only other platform I'd bother with at that point would be Switch not just for the first party but also for the portability.

Thing is I only play on pc for single player games, so It'd work fine for me on that end, but the convience of console for multiplayer games will still be a focus and I play a lot of local multiplayers with friends and I picture I'd still want a console in the living room when visit/friends come over. I'd have permanently plugged Mario Kart, Mortal Kombat, or some other multiplayer game starting with the letters M and K.

No. There would be absolutely zero reason to get a console.

I have a beasty PC but still prefer to play on consoles 95% of the time. So, it won't change anything at all - I'll still prefer playing on consoles.