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Got all zen.

has become chaos

Spelled out for the uninitiated the "Save/Kill the Animals" dilemma. #SaveTheAnimals #SaveTheAnimalsIsCanon

Is currently fighting Ganon.

I'd currently not fighting anger but embracing it

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

Is wrong, I'm not angry at the moment.

CaptainExplosion said:

Is fighting Ganon.

CaptainExplosion said:

Is currently fighting Ganon.

Likes to note that I'm fighting Ganon in my profile pic.

According to his profile pic, is a bob-bomb with a crown hurling a smaller bob-bomb.

Likes to take long naps

His name starts with a z.

Calls himself a captain but wears a crown. Identity crisis!

Bite my shiny metal Cockpit!