[NSW] 269k
[PS4] 196k
[XB1] 169k

[3DS] 6.9k



Last year's January was the odd five week period that happens only every five or six years, so if Switch manages 270k again, it will be a good result. 300k would be great, resulting in a weekly sales rate of 75k compared to last year's 54k.

Predictions without giving them much thought because I haven't looked at the NPD prediction tool:

Switch - 250k
PS4 - 210k
XB1 - 150k
3DS - 30k

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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NSW- 280k
PS4- 220k
XBO- 140k

I'll kill them all !



NSW: 300k
PS4: 165k
XBO: 150k

I'm assuming YoY changes in per-week averages to be +20% for the Switch and -20% for the PS4 & XBO.

EDIT: So, are we going to get hardware results tonight, or next week?

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^Results will be released next Tuesday.

Switch - 280k
PS4 - 190k
XOne - 115k

NSW- 275k
PS4- 230k
XBO- 170k
3DS- 40k

It will be similar to last year order wise.

NSW - 250K
PS4 - 210k
XBO - 180k

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Seems like everyone needed to recover after that wild ride in December. :D

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