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HylianSwordsman said:
Not sure where else to post this, but whenever I try to make a rich text reply, the editor doesn't load, just a blank text box. When I quote someone's post, the quote doesn't appear, just the HTML to format the quote. If I post that HTML, it does display correctly, but anything I add beneath the quote has the formatting fucked up. When I tried to PM TalonMan about this, it didn't go through.

I'm using the same browser as usual, Chrome, same computer as always, same everything, so I don't know why this just seems to be happening to me.

And just as suddenly, it stopped...weird.

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Hey guys. Long time.

I've been participating in the NFL thread for the last 3 weeks and this website has been nothing but a nightmare for me. I'm currently living and working in the UAE. When I was living in America I had no problem with this website so maybe it is region related? I say that because only by using a VPN can I sometimes access threads and post. For example, right now I can successfully post here, but the browser freezes when I try to access the NFL thread. Closing the browser resolves that issue. When I could access the NFL thread earlier, I couldn't reply to other users post. The loaded screen for the rich text reply would show up but the box appears empty and I can't type anything.


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Update. I don't need to use The VPN as long as my adblocker is off. So I turned it off. Figured I can do that much for Brett. However I still have an issue with rich text responses.

I am the black sheep     "of course I'm crazy, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong."-Robert Anton Wilson

There’s an obnoxious invisible ad that opens the app store with the search query: puzzlegamesbyvgchartz.

That shit happens once every fucking page!!!

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Someone made a thread about that. Others, and I, have it too. It's ungodly annoying.

Ugh, at this point I'd say email Ioi about it, I'm tired of seeing all the complaints regarding the ad situation and us as staff being powerless to do anything, it's frustrating because it's a real issue that needs addressing, I practically avoid coming to this site on mobile thanks to auto-play, auto-sound ads, I haven't encountered this new ad you're talking about but I don't doubt it because the ads on VGChartz are downright awful.

I've seen the thread made by Shikamaru, sorry we can't do anything about it, use Adblock in the meantime, or supporter, if Adblock doesn't work then we're out of luck.

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Members avatars are not displaying properly in articles and news stories. Happening on my laptop/chrome. This has been happening for about a day and a half.

Some are displaying, others are not.

And as for mobile.....Pages simply don't load properly. Both news/article pages and thread pages. I've largely stopped using it. Curious if this is a problem others have. It's difficult to put into words how the pages are displaying, but suffice it to say, they are difficult to read and manipulate.

Also, last night I ate a sandwich that had pesto in it. Oil from the pesto leaked out a dripped all over my pajamas. I didn't even change them, and went to bed with pesto all over me.

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Chinese food for breakfast


Yeah, I can't look at the charts on mobile because it cuts off the right side of the charts for some reason.

I cannot login with the Chrome auto fill password, every time I select the option the popup disappears. 

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