Nu-13 said:
HylianSwordsman said:

I agree with you that it's nigh impossible, but lets just have some fun for a bit and fantasize what it would look like. Currently, Switch is at 50 million. Let's say this year is higher than last year, as many expect it to be. Last year was just over 20 million. Let's say it goes up 20%. It's currently tracking a bit better than that, but we'll assume that's just leftover holiday momentum and that a 20% growth year over year is more realistic. That's 24 million, almost halfway there, with a year to go. For his holiday 2021 scenario to happen, 2020 obviously can't be the peak year. The peak would have to happen in 2021. For that to happen, while I'm sure many would disagree and insist that Switch could just do it on its own, I personally think a hardware revision would be necessary, a Switch Pro. Lets say a Switch Pro releases this year, and next year gets an exclusive Mario Kart 9. Coupled with price cuts for the other hardware, a $300 Switch Pro that approaches the level of the original PS4, I think that could keep the 3rd party ports coming and the momentum growing, pushing sales to a final peak of 27 million, passing Wii in holiday 2021. It would take all of the above and a perfect storm of the market liking all of it, but maybe it could happen, and that's what I think it would look like.

This needs to stop.

Agreed. 3rd party ports are not what's selling the Switch, and third parties aren't going to bother porting games to only a small subset of the Switch audience who own a Pro, it wouldn't be worth it. There's no need for a Switch Pro, especially not for the purpose of chasing 3rd party games. As Witcher 3 demonstrates, if they really want to bring their games over, they can do so on the base Switch. If they don't, a Pro model will not change their minds.

I didn't think there would be a direct this week, cos I'm a pessimistic dunce.