BraLoD said:

Must be because the architetures are already close to PCs tho.
It also says "console" but you don't expect it to come to XBOX too, do you?

I read your post in the "if console exclusives came to PC would you buy a console," and I think you're biased.  Why specifically look for anything nvidia related, when the last consoles to have anything from nvidia built into it was the Switch and PS3?  We've seen Flower, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human go to PC.  It's really not that much of a stretch to think Last of Us 2 couldn't come to PC, too.

Nothing is stopping anyone from buying a PS5.  However, I wouldn't spend money on a new console, when the only game I was considering getting for it is coming to a console I already own.  A PC.

As someone who owns every playstation, it really puts things into perspective.  I have a PS4, and a PS4 Pro.  Both collect dust.  I know I wouldn't use my PS5 much outside of The Last of Us.  Keep in mind, Last of Us 2 isn't even a fully fleshed out PS5 game.  It's a PS4 game.  It's built with the lowest-spec machine in mind.  The base PS4.  Yet, remember, this game is going to be on PS5 as well.

I'm glad this is being done.  Most likely the Epic store, too, which I'm not happy about, but I understand that without those big Sony games, Epic wont be able to fight off Steam anyway.  

I thought I'd get a PS5 just because I own every playstation already, but I know I wont play it.  I know buying PS+ would also be a waste.  I also know that the PS4 Pro is not running last of us 2 at full 60 fps stability, and highest resolution graphics.  But I know my PC will, without having to buy another console.