Barkley said:
d21lewis said:
If it's cheap enough, has decent power, and access to certain games that my Switch doesn't have, I may buy one. I don't mind competition.

The problem I have with this is the same reason I can't bring myself to get a laptop. It'll be 4 times the price of a desktop with similar power. I guess If I had tons of money I'd get one, but I don't. xD

But considering you own 5 bloomin' Xbox One's for some reason I guess money isn't a problem for you.

I can explain!

-Bought the first one in 2014 for $400 when they were still $500. Couldn't pass up a deal look that!

-Bought the second one for $300 when they were still $400. That's an even better deal!

-Bought the third one (grey slim) from Amazon so my wife and I could play and watch movies in bed.

-Bought the third (white slim) because...okay, I was insane. I had purchased a screen to make my Xbox portable and the color didn't match. 

-Bought an Xbox One X because I kinda had to at this point.

Pretty much have one under each TV. Mainly for the "smart TV" features they add. Also bought two as gifts. And I have not one but TWO Kinects. 😢

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