I've pretty much moved on from consoles already.

Just playing everything on my PC is so much more convenient than shoving another plastic thing under my TV. I already use it for so much stuff outside of gaming, it's far more important to me than a console could ever be even if it didn't play games. All my media needs are right here.

Honestly, I haven't really missed skipping this generation of consoles. A few games, yeah, but it's not like I'm lacking for stuff to play.

So,yeah, If I could play everything on PC then,
A) I would save money by not needing to buy consoles,
B) it would be so much more convenient to have everything on one device,
C) with two monitors, I could multitask much easier,
D) I'd have the ability to easily switch to mb/k or controller at moment's notice, and
E) I wouldn't need to fragment my library of games.