These charts really show, to me at least, that the switch is nintendo's leggiest console in a very long time. Even in the PS4 comparison, against a console with a long sales curve, the period where switch has caught up the most is in its third year. I know that in the twilight years switch likely will fall behind PS4 again, but its still amazing to watch a nintendo console hold up so well not just out the gate.

Also, it is interesting that the 3DS had sold half of its LTD number at this point in time. That basically infers that in the worst case scenario, switch will sell at least 100 million (double its current number), and that given how much less front-loaded it is, it has a pretty great chance at selling something like 115+ million.

Bet with flashfire926: I think switch will win November NPD, and he thinks xbox one will win (if ps4 is victorious, it's a draw). Loser has to state that they lost in the signature for some time.