Chazore said:
HollyGamer said:

Depend on whom you are asking this . For console gamer they will probably just buy the next consoles regarding exclusives or not. For PC gamers i bet it will be divided, some PC gamers will still buy consoles and some are stay the same (Elitist ).

For me i will still buy PS5 because all their exclusives will still be exclusives for 4 to 5 years to consoles until it become free on PSNow. So exclusives still matter for a big period of time. Also what i love from consoles is small factor and convenient factor that i cannot have with PC. I don't want spend my time playing JRPG on PC . It's waste of spec LOL.

I will use console on my living space and not worried with bad ports, compatibility and benchmark. I will just put my PC on Offices and use for works, heavy modded games or games i would like to see with better graphics (if i able to upgrade my PC to new GPU).

Also i usually use my PC for MMO games and strategy games , i don't like playing strategy on consoles. But console are good at playing classic, adventure and JRPG.

Nothing wrong with people not wanting to purchase another piece of plastic and sticking with what they have, hell some cannot afford shelling out for 3 different pieces of plastic, the games costing £50-60 a pop and then the online fees to boot, so nah chief, that doesn't make them "elitist". 

Also SFF's exist for PC's, in case you haven't already checked, but I could always ask Pem to give some never ending examples, since he's a good chap when it comes to educating non PC folk on what is actually possible. 

Also why is it a waste of a spec to play a JRPG on a PC?. Why do you come up with these crappy crutch arguments to make the console seem like the ultimate choice, when in reality it really isn't. Back in the 90's it was, and partway through the early 00's, but not anymore. it's far, far from being perfect itself. 

You play strat games on PC, yet you call JRPG's a waste of spec, as well as playing MMO's, which aren't exactly graphical beauties, as they have to run on lower spec hw. Consoles don't really get many strat games because the input method isn't exactly designed for gamepad input, and well, the strat audience being primarily where it began. 

Because why wasted playing 2080 ti on Danganronpa or Persona 5 that can run even on PS3??? That big wasted teraflop on your PC

You can ofcourse,  but why wasted on expensives setup while you have consoles or already have one and use that ??????  And strategy games are great on PC especially if there are a lot of multiplayer people and required a lot of graphic. Games like Total War is heavy emphasis on thousand of unit. MMO required beefy spec if you play modern one . 

It's just that's my way of gaming. Even some people have handled to play JRPG alone or playing classical alone. 

Or are you complaining about people habit ?