Barkley said:
curl-6 said:

So over 50 million in the next two years? That seems a bit far fetched.

He's said before he expected sales this year to be around 27m and sales in 2021 to be around 22m. Unrealistic expectations. 2021 being higher than 2019 sounds like a pipe dream.

If the Switch would somehow pull that off, then PS2 and DS would get some serious competition on the top, that's for sure!

But I agree, 27M is just too high. I could see 2021 being around 2019 numbers, maybe beating them by a couple 100k, but not by several millions or anything like that.

For the record, I expect 22-23M this year, so a 10-15% drop the year after could still mean 2021 wins over 2019, if just by a hair. But I'm expecting more like 18-19M for 2021 - which would still add up to over 40M over the course of those 2 years.