NightlyPoe said:
chakkra said:

There is still plenty of fun left in Star Wars. The Mandalorian and The Fallen Order proves it. It' s just this trilogy people lost interest in. And people don't usually lose interest in good things.

Oh, there can still be good stuff to enjoy on my own.  But it feels like talking about Star Wars requires donning a hazmat suit, lined with kevlar.  I mean, do we actually talk about the movies or the implications and real-world shouting matches?

Even for the Prequels, I recall being able to discuss the actual movies to a far greater degree.

Yeah, but I highly doubt that someone who actually liked TLJ and left the theater eager to watch its sequel would all of a sudden lose interest just because "it is not fun to talk about SW anymore." In fact, I'm willing to bet that the "TLJ lovers" rushed to watch its sequel first weekend just to show "the haters."