Lonely_Dolphin said:
So it didn't do as well as TLJ, but what about in a vacuum? Did it still do well for movies in general? I don't follow movies so don't know the standard. It'd also be nice if we could see merchandising sales. I said earlier that Disney ultimately wins but maybe I'm mistaken, god I sure hope I am otherwise they have no reason to do better in the future.

Well, if this was a new IP, or even a so-so known one, and the budget was $200M ($300M-$400M when including marketing), this would be a good result.  Of course, considering this was a SW movie, and the budget was more like $300M (probably $450M-$500M including marketing), this is a bad result. 

As for merch, that revenue was down in 2017 and even more so in 2018.  Considering we had the massively popular Black Panther and Infinity War in 2018, SW must have been pretty low to offset the revenue from that.  Then, I believe in late 2018 or early 2019, Disney rolled their consumer products division into their parks experiences division to hide the losses.  Though, I think the last time I looked, that was down slightly, too.  Could be wrong on that.  Either way, there's a reason Disney wanted to retcon TLJ.

Signalstar said:
Massive drop from The Force Awakens +$900 million gross in 2015. Way to go Disney! 5 Star Wars movies in 5 calendar years. No danger of overexposure there. I hope George Lucas in laughing as he counts his money.

This has nothing to do with how many films they put out.  It has to do with the quality of the films.  Marvel has been putting out 2-3 films a year, and that hasn't hurt them.  Hell, they even delayed this film from May to Dec so there would be even more space between this film and the last one, since they were going with fatigue as the excuse for the films not performing well.  It didn't help.