curl-6 said:

"Never" tied for 2nd most popular response.

That many folks still think a system that's selling as fast as the PS4 is going to fall short of 101 million?

A system that's selling faster than, launches aligned, than ps4.... even after the ps4 next holiday season. I know... sony legs. I know... those have always been long... sexy legs. But here's the one thing no one mentions. This is the absolute FIRST TIME that Nintendo is sitting on a SINGLE PLATFORM. They have to extend the legs. And I believe they will. The switch is unlike any Nintendo system ever, in that it sits alone as their ONLY PLATFORM.  The switch will challenge the ps4 sales numbers. I absolutely guarantee it. I'm not saying this to you, sir, just saying this to all the naysayers in general. Save this comment, people. The switch WILL HAVE LONG LEGS.