Bofferbrauer2 said:
Cucumberry said:
Internal storage. I have 70 cartridges, 5 64gb sd cards and a 128gb sd card. Kind of nerfs the portability aspect.

That's something I expect in an update to the Switch next year or in 2021. An expansion to 64 or 128GB internal memory instead of a pricecut. For a Switch 2 in 2024 I would rather expect 256-512GB of internal memory, though.

I'm thinking a Switch Premium will come out at $300 in 2021 which among other things will have like 128gb.

For Switch 2 that sounds about right, they're not gonna do a ton because that'd raise the price of the system, so it'll probably be 256 at most, though honestly given that they only did 32gb this time I wouldn't be surprised if we all get disappointed again and they only do 128gb next time.

I have 4 cartridges and a 200gb sd card and still have a few gigs left on the system and like 95+ gigs on the sd card. So despite having 32 games, 28 of them digital, I've only used about 130gb so far. Assuming games get a bit bigger next gen, 256gb seems like it'd be user friendly and only really serious gamers who download dozens of games would need an sd card.