Slownenberg said:
SwitchUP said:
I never understood why people think that a portable will be as powerful as x system... it's just not going to happen.

As for the switch 2... I'd of course like a jump in power as well. But, I differ for the rest than everyone. I see the switch's screen as an excellent one. I'd be more than happy to keep the screen and have the extra power go into games in every other area ASIDE from resolution.

Then I'd love proper chat system, better layout for the eshop, folders on the home screen, and custom backgrounds too.

I would also love it if Nintendo themselves had more variety for joycons outside of simple colors. I have the hori split pad pro and I absolutely love it. I'd love to see Nintendo do this too. A gamecube split pad? Sign me up. Theres a huge market there, I think.

You don't understand why people compare the power of different systems? Why don't you understand that? Seems pretty natural to compare the power of different systems. Why can a portable system not be as powerful as a home console? Pretty sure Switch is more powerful than every home console ever made other than PS4 and XboxOne. Obviously portable systems can be as powerful as older home consoles. Portables don't exist as some inferior technology that can never be as powerful as any home console.

I can agree that Switch 2 doesn't necessarily need a screen upgrade, I mean do you REALLY need more than 720p on that small of a screen? Probably not. I think certainly at like 1080p on that size there is no reason to ever go above that. I just feel like lots of people will complain if the screen doesn't get upgraded to 1080p like 6 years later. If its a cost matter I'd certainly rather get a little more power rather than an upgraded screen. I think it should do 4k in docked mode though cuz by then 4k will probably be fairly standard for new TVs.

Interesting idea about different joycon splits, though because the joycons have to split into two separate controllers I feel like the current SNES-style design is the only one that really works. Like a gamecube joycon split wouldn't work at all when you actually split them.

You dont understand what I said. I didnt say anything about not understanding why people compare systems. I said, I dont understand why people expect portable hardware to match things like the ps4 pro. Nothing portable is even close to the pro. Not even close.

Portable hardware does exist on another level entirely. They will always be inferior because they can only get so much performance from a chip without killing a battery in 5 minutes. 

 People should keep their expectations of mobile chips in reality. Unless you know something I dont, the next switch wont be equal to a ps4 pro... not even in 2023. Even the most expensive devices cant match the xbox 1 fat. 

I hope I'm a bit more clear now, I think I didnt do a very good job in my first post about that.

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