think-man said:
d21lewis said:
Disney already said this film was on track to being one of, if not THE most successful films of all time. I don't know why this thread even exists.

Surely that can't be possible, unless the film was made on a low budget and market expenses were also low. 

Well, we know that's not possible. Not with all the reshoots, that Abrams confirmed wrapped up just a few weeks before it released, and the massive ad campaign they put out for it. 

chakkra said:
OlfinBedwere said:

We can also put away the silly argument that Solo's poor performance was purely the result of fans boycotting the movie over The Last Jedi, and that the fact that it was released up against Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2 had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Of course I can only speak for myself, but I did not go to see Solo and I'm not going to see TRoS for the exact same reason. And I can assure you that IW and Deadpool had nothing to do with it.

And in case anyone is wondering what I'm doing in a thread about a movie that I'm not planning to watch at the theater; the answer is simple: I'm still pissed about TLJ.

I feel you, man. I'm done with Disney SW myself. I'm more excited to see the Plinkett review than the film itself.