wombat123 said:

It just doesn't seem logical to potentially cannibalize sales by stuffing too many JRPGs in one year regardless of whether they're ports or remasters.  But now that I think of it, I also thought it wasn't a good idea to release NSMBUDX, Yoshi's Crafted World and Mario Maker 2 so close together but Nintendo did it anyway and overall sales for all of them weren't really affected.

Why are you assuming they would cannibalize? There's nothing stopping people from buying multiple games in the same genre. I doubt people go "ok this year I'm going to buy 1 platformer, 1 puzzler, 1 shooter." Plus the reverse can be said too, that more games of a genre means more fans of that genre will be made/buy the system therefore increasing the sales of games in said genre.

DarthMetalliCube said:

I always forget this is coming heh, I did enjoy the GameCube Animal Crossing which was actually pretty much the last one I played. I do think the Switch version would be the time for me to get back into it, the handheld/home console hybrid fits this series perfectly I think, and it would be cool to take advantage of the more solid online functionality this game will no doubt have. 

I will probably hold off for quite a bit on this one though. I'm honestly thinking of holding off new game purchases (review copies excluded) for like 6 months to a year just so I can take the time to catch up on my huge backlog. 

Whenever you do pick it up, you're likely in for a treat mate, the series has improved quite a lot over the last 15 years, and portability n online is really nice for a game like this.