Dulfite said:
wombat123 said:

I don't see a Paper Mario game next year either but that's mostly because Nintendo is already publishing three significant JRPGs in 2020 (#FE, Xenoblade: Definitive Edition and Bravely Default II), so it would be a little overkill to throw in a Paper Mario game into that lot.

#Fe is a port of a rather unpopular game. I doubt it will sell much or satisfy the rpg crowds thirst.

Xenoblade DE is the second remaster of a Wii game. Most who will play it probably already have and it will certainly not satisfy the new rpg desire people will have.

BD is new, I'll give you that will satisfy plenty. Overall, there is still a lot of room for a PM game in 2020 to sell well, and none of those games are as lighthearted or funny as PM.

Xenoblade fandom has grown since the original game's release which was limited even on 3DS you needed a N3DS, DE is the first time it'll not have any such issues and with XBC2 having possibly around 2m sales the are clearly fans who have not tried the original plus DE can appeal to new fans as well it can easily satisfy the new rpg desire people have as the's no RPG really like it outside of its own series.