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"What's going on here?!" Of course no one guessed it.

"I can't possibly think of a videogame that has ever come even close to making me feel like this one did."
- Young mZuzek, 2014. (okay, maybe not so young)

It's been 4 years since I've started doing these, and Skyward Sword has always been at the top of every list I've made, so I'm sure this would have come as quite a shock for many of you, and believe me, it's quite a shock for me as well - because, although it's true I haven't played it in over two years, I still think as highly of it as I ever have. For all I care, this beautiful game is still my favorite game ever, but... maybe that title can be shared? I still think this game will make it back to the top spot at some point in the future, but this year, Old mZuzek has played a videogame that has made him feel like this one did, and ultimately it was a toss-up between which one took first place, and the more recent experience took it since it's more indicative of how I feel today.

I've not much more to say about it, honestly. Between this post, this post, this post, and the one I'm writing right now, I've already amassed 15 paragraphs on how and why I love it so much. I remember being extremely hyped to play this one back in the 2012 days, having just got into Zelda and played through all of the other 3D ones, and when I finally got the chance in early 2013 at a friend who had a Wii, that excitement immediately translated into the game, which I tore through in a few days where it felt like there was nothing else in life other than Skyward Sword. It hooked me from the very first second to the very last, and by the end, left an everlasting impression on me. I can only feel sorry for all the people who dislike it, because this game is truly something very special.