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Guessed by S.Peelman

This is Ocarina of Time's fourth (!!) year in a row at #23, and I guess it deserves plenty of credit for that since almost all games tend to always move down the ranks through the years. I've always been one to consider this game overrated but in recent times I've definitely come to better appreciate some of the reasons people consider it such a masterpiece - it is genuinely iconic and has some absolutely amazing dungeons, most notably the Forest and Water temples. However as it is, Ocarina of Time is also a product of its time, and it shows, with stuff like clunky menus (don't get me started on Iron Boots), absurdly slow text speed, a horrible framerate, and more. Most of these issues were thankfully fixed in the 3DS remake, but the biggest one could never be: that is, the game's awful opening third or so. The pacing at the start of the game is completely off and there's absolutely no compelling reason or motivation to do anything - it is what to this day keeps this game from its true potential to me, as it seems every playthrough needs to go through 3 or 4 hours of pure padding and boring crap until you can finally get to the stuff that deseves that masterpiece status.

*mostly copied from last year*