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Guessed by S.Peelman

This one had the drop coming. I haven't played Wind Waker in a few years, and in the end I think it's for good reason... it's just not a very good game when judging it by objective Zelda standards (well, at least as objective as you can get). The dungeons and bosses in this game are, by and large, very boring and uninspired. It's not the only Zelda game ever to fail at delivering quality content in those fronts, but where games like Breath of the Wild got away with it by giving so much fun elsewhere, Wind Waker just didn't. Maybe it is fair to say this was the first attempt at a BotW-like reinvention for the franchise, but the reality is that it failed, and ultimately, it just played like any Zelda game before it, except the dungeons and bosses were crap.

That isn't to say Wind Waker is without its qualities, of course - it wouldn't be here otherwise. This game boasts a nearly unparalleled sense of adventure, with just the right mix of linearity and freedom, giving the player just enough quality storytelling to keep them invested in this world, while still allowing the player to actually explore it and engage with it in interesting ways. It's just a very immersive game, and it's really hard not to love it with its unique style and incredible music. It had a lot going for it, but maybe had Nintendo not rushed it out of the gate, it could have been the reinvention it wanted to be. Instead, we had to wait another 15 years for that...