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Guessed by The_Liquid_Laser

When you think music games in the late 2000's, you think stupid plastic instruments, you think of an oversaturated market, and you think of, well... Rock Band 2. Out of everything they came out with during this time, Rock Band 2 was the absolute go to choice, the one game with the most awesome gameplay, visual style, online play, depth, and absolutely the best song selection. It perfected every aspect of this type of rhythm game, being loads of fun in either local multiplayer, online, or even single player. Sadly, my experience with it was quite limited, because my Xbox's online capabilities were hampered in an awful thunderstorm soon after I got it, and even the game disc itself later stopped working and I never got to play it again... it's no wonder I'm a digital-only guy now.

**text shamelessly copied from last year**